Thursday, 13 August 2009


Everybody know that "hide and seek" is sorok sorok.Lol,actually i was watching a movie called Hide And Seek. I was screaming when the crazy man kick the door while holding a knife. He tried to hurt his daughter. I was updating this blog and the window just behind me! Its already 11.00 p.m.Last evening,i asked Aqilah to teach me add maths and she was such a wonderful teacher.I called her Tok Guru. Thanks to her,now i know what i'm doing.I called her Sifu too. She said that she miss that name because Hafizah used to call her Sifu. She gave me many questions.I answered most of them.BUT,there was one question that was so hard! Err, i garugaru kepala and screamed out loud.Lol.She said just forget it.I'll try to solve the question later if i'm free.Okay,IF.I'm so sorry if i ignored people that want to chat with me.Ohh,no.I didn't meant it.My laptop was so slow mow and getting stuck! Urghh,well,my laptop was turun temurun.From family to me.One more thing,thanks to Hanani.She helps me too.She fowards the physics notes to everybody using yahoo massenger.Well, zaman dah berubah,dunia dah maju. Right? I'm very glad when all my friends help me when i'm in trouble. Itu gunanya kawan. I'm probably just sit on the floor and chat chat chat everyday.But,today i've learned something useful for my future.Saja riak sebentar. Err,maybe i'll continue studying Malaysian subject tomorrow.And Saturday is Holiday. Yay!

Lol,trust me.Do not read this.I'm repeat! Do NOT read this.You're getting bored.Eh,tertulis dkt bwh lah. Sorry! :D

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